Check Your MOT Date!

Good afternoon!

So it seems that a lot of you are as unorganised as us! We thought we’d better put a message out just to say that at the moment we are booked up until Thursday 31st March so if you know your MOT is about to run out or you’ve got a problem that you are thinking of asking us to look at soon then get in quick!

Talking of MOTs, we have had quite a few people say they would like a reminder of when their MOT is due; we were reluctant to do this before as we didn’t want anyone to feel pressured into coming back to us but it sounds like the majority would prefer a reminder so as soon as the new reception is ready and I (Lisa) am back full time, we’ll start emailing or texting reminders (providing we have your email address/number!) In the meantime, you can check online to see when your MOT is due by going to:

As always, thank you for keeping us so busy and choosing to come to us!